TechNet  Australia has  been  in  existence   since  2000  and  we  are  a  group    of committed Technical  staff  from  tertiary institutions across  Australia, New  Zealand  and  Fiji.

Our  aims  are  to:
*  build  strong  network  to  raise  our  profile  and  recognition
*  offer  support,  assistance  and  advice  to  each  other
*  provide  a  forum  for  discussion
*  promote  ideas

* encourage an institution to host a National conference




2019 Technet Conference

” The Power of Connectivity”

will be held at Deakin University on the 4th to 6th December

If you want to register , please email the conference team at technet2019@deakin.edu.au

Further details  are on the conference website



TNA Terms of Reference