TechNet  Australia has  been  in  existence   since  2000  and  we  are  a  group    of committed Technical  staff  from  tertiary institutions across  Australia, New  Zealand  and  Fiji.

Our  aims  are  to:
*  build  strong  network  to  raise  our  profile  and  recognition
*  offer  support,  assistance  and  advice  to  each  other
*  provide  a  forum  for  discussion
*  promote  ideas

* encourage an institution to host a National conference



Chairperson Mark Hayne has announced that the University of Queensland has formally agreed to host the 2018 National TechNet conference. Dates are yet to be determined but late November or early December 2018 are earmarked. Thanks go to the enthusiastic UQ technicians that have rallied their colleagues to the concept and put together a successful business case for their Executive.



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