TECHTRAIN 2003 (3-4 July, 2003):

Summary of the organising committee activities (compiled by Kate Noble)

Things to consider, things to be done. Not in any order of timing or importance


establish early so can determine conference dates & have venue costs

tour several times

Daytime caterers


o Data and slide projectors for each room

o Overhead projectors for each room

o A/V (video) for each room

o Back-up laptops (committee to provide laptops for each room)

o Microphones for each room

o Whiteboards available

o Trestle tables & table cloths

o Signage for trade displays

o Direction indicator signs

o Breakout rooms

o IT support

o Photocopier

o Printer

Conference dinner:



menu include special meals



Conference daytime caterers:

may be limited by who the venue prefers

sample several (always good!)

get cost breakdown (how much is the lunch component, the morning or the afternoon component) for sponsorship purposes

see if an organisation can sponsor a morning or afternoon tea

Budget: (see also the following budget report and budget tables)


How much in the kitty?

Trade Displays ($500/trade)

Sponsors (help to reduce costs eg presenters’ gifts, morning or afternoon teas)


Conference fees


Venue cost (depends on number of rooms. May also need extra tables and partitions)

Catering: lunch, morning and afternoon teas

Catering: dinner

Conference dinner venue costs (include menu, alcohol)

Conference dinner entertainment

May need to pay keynote speakers


Design of logo (3 designs to choose from)

Promotional items: (find sources)

o Gifts for keynote and plenary speakers

o Delegate bags & gifts

o Presenters’ gifts

o Logo artwork setup

o Note pads, pens

o Name tags

o Lollies

o Committee jumpers

o Courier per product and per batch

o Source:


o posters (A3 & A4 = 1000)

o program

o letters to trade displays?

Conference CDs, labels, toner

Hire of display panels

Uni parking permits

Bus hire for conference dinner

Marketting and advertising:

o Adverts eg Australasian Science (3/4 page = $370)

Bank fees and Uni charges


Casual wages


Promotion of conference:


Emails (fortnightly where possible) including to past delegates and TechNet forum on regular basis

Web address in email signatures

Written support from DVC to Heads of School


Contact list:

o TechNet email forum

o Other known TechNets

o Past delegates

o Affiliated teaching hospitals

o Nurses association

o Staff development at other unis



Registration forms (include PDF format)


Conference dinner info


call for papers

describe 4 themes


Sponsors/trade displays


Info about UNSW TechNet

Contact details

Tourist information and info about Sydney

Accommodation info (including conference specials)

Special interest groups (need to allocate co-ordinators, 3-point agendas)

Maps – uni and conference dinner area



number of strands

table of contents

Call for papers (need to know length of talk)

Set deadlines to receive abstracts

Decide number of papers needed (presenters’ gifts needed)

Keynote and plenary speakers – need paragraph and photo about each

Site visits

Trade displays

Creativity displays


Maps and floor plans

Program details:

o Binding

o Front and back cover designs

o Paper type

o two sided

o one abstract per page with room for notes

o Page for people to write contact numbers

o Format, layout etc

Marketting and advertising:

Adverts eg Australasian Science (3/4 page = $370)

Email past delegates and TechNet forum on regular basis

Ad in publications of the various unis


Initially, suggest a conference fee (based on 100 persons) so can determine approximate overall budget (day 1, day 2, conference dinner)

Come up with a logo, logo colours and conference themes (strands)

List of jobs, allocate and give time frames

Keynote speakers (include correct protocol for order of appearance) – determine length of talk time for plenary and keynote

Possible need for volunteers at various stages

May need to approach people individually to produce papers

Distribution of posters

Set aside a day to stuff bags (day before conference) and take to venue

Need to constantly chase up participants for trade displays, creativity displays, paper presentations, keynote speakers – get committments

In advance, ensure promo company has sufficient number of what you want (include the possibility for needing extra at last minute). Leave the bulk of the promo printing (bags, gifts) until as late as possible because it might not be possible to have a small number of extras printed with the logo at the last minute (might have to accept items without the logo). Know how long it takes to receive goods from the promo company once they get the order.

Accommodation: get conference rates with conference dinner venue

Thankyou notes sent to guest speakers when they’d agreed to do it, plus after the conference

Book bus and nominate driver

Last few days:

Get draft program proofed – pay particular attention to the spelling of peoples’ names

Need floor plan of trade/creativity display set up to venue day before

List of attendees that can be checked off on the day as delegates collect their name tag and bag

Allocate times to man the registration desk, may need extras

Allocate a time keeper and means of communicating ends of sessions

Determine activity of session conveners, what they are to say, how to introduce presenters

Fill bags and take to venue

Registration desk:

Pens, rulers, sticky tape, lollies, water, name tags, spare tags, chairs, scissors, list of contact numbers,




TT03 Organising Committee meetings leading up to 3-4 July 2003:



1. 27 August, 2002


2. 24 September, 2002


3. 15 October, 2002


4. 19 November, 2002


5. 17 December, 2002 (informal, BBQ)


6. 28 January, 2003


7. 13 February, 2003


8. 25 February, 2003


9. 11 March, 2003

17 March, 2003 to collect posters for distribution

10. 25 March, 2003

10 April, 2003 for assistance with contact list

11. 8 April, 2003

15 April, 2003 for program

12. 5 May, 2003

6 May, 2003 for program

13. 20 May, 2003

22 May, 2003 for program and special interest groups

14. 3 June, 2003


15. 17 June, 2003


16. 24 June, 2003

2 July, 2003 to fill delegate bags & take to venue

7 committee members, plus volunteers assisting with registrations/accounts, venue set-up, manning the registration desk and conference ‘gofer’, and 1 volunteer assisting with burning CDs.



Finances and Registration: a Short Report (compiled by Jennifer Till)

Budgeting and Finances - Process in Brief

The committee devised a working operational budget near the beginning of the organization process. This included estimates on what we would need and how much these would cost.

This budget was used to fill out the forms needed to set up a University project to hold incoming funds.

The Staff Development Unit needed to be set up as a vendor in order to receive credit card payments into this project. An Eftpos machine was acquired and staff members were trained on using this machine.

An actual ongoing budget was kept as an Excel spreadsheet as actual financial transactions took place.

Major Challenges

A large amount of time was spent at the beginning of the process determining what we would probably require and approximate costs. Never having done this process before, many committee members found it difficult to make rough estimates, fearing that these would not be exact amounts. Adrianne Harris (UNSW Staff Development, TechTrain 2003 Committee) was responsible for pulling this all together and assuring that the process ran smoothly.

Being the first time we were involved with many of these processes, some including the setting up of the financial project took longer than expected.

Chasing up outstanding payments dragged on for a few months after the conference, together with all internal transfers taking place to eventually finalise the budget. A simple, organized record keeping system helped this run reasonably smoothly.

Registration - Process in Brief

Meetings took place with the University Financial Service to make sure the registration forms contained all the necessary GST information and that all the correct information for both internal and external payments, in particular credit card payments, appeared on these forms.

The forms were downloadable from the conference website. Payments were processed, all details appearing on the forms were recorded in an Excel spreadsheet and the original forms were filed in an expanding file in alphabetical order by surname. Trade display payments were also filed in this folder.

Email details recorded in this spreadsheet were used to confirm registrations. Name and location details were used to create name badges. Mailing details were used at the end of the conference to send certificates of attendance and details of TechTrain 2004.

On the conference days, at least two people were on the registration table to record attendance, give out name badges and the conference packs.

Red jumpers were worn by all the committee members at the conference in order for us to stand out from the crowd. These proved highly successful.

Major Challenges

Keeping everything in a strict order so that a number of staff could work on registrations at different times proved challenging!

The security department not being on hand to assist with distributing parking tickets meant that the registration table was occasionally under staffed. Increased communication with this department could have alleviated these problems. PARKING IS VERY IMPORTANT!


Figure: Registrations at TechTrain 2003 by University.



Estimated budget:

TechTrain 2003 Budget - DRAFT (as of 13/2/03)


2002 Allocated Funds


Registration Fees


Trade Displays







Advertising (1)


Bank and Merchant Fees (2)


Catering - Conference Dinner (3)


Catering - Conference on Campus (4)


Catering - Suppliers and others (4A)


Committee Memorabilia (5)


Conference Packs (6)


Display Panel Hire (7)


Logo (8)


Presenters Gifts (9)


University Services Charge (10)


Venue Hire




Notes to Expenditure table

(1) Advertising - logo, magazines, newspapers, posters, banners and direction signs

(2) 7 months at $26 per month)

(3) $60 per head

(4) 2 x lunches, 2 x morning and afternoon tea, tea and coffee on arrival each morning, cold water

(based on $90 per person for 125 people)

(5) Committee identification clothing - e.g., jacket

(6) Conference Packs - Programs, CD Rom, Conference Bags

(7) 33 panels

(8) Logo already paid for

(9) 64 presenters at $15 each

(10) 5% of the total expenditure (payable at the conclusion of the conference)


Actual Budget: TechTrain 2003




Staff Development


2002 conference budget

DVC (Research) Mark Wainwright


Internal transfer - 2003

Participant registration


cheque and internal straight into account plus credit card internal transfer from BA101 PS01989

Creativity registration





TechNet UNSW - sponsor morning tea (Charles Sturt Uni provided free Cheese and Wine for second day)

Trade registration



GST recoverable


















Action Wear - Committee Jumpers


Eileen Emmerson credit card - internal transfer to reimburse

Band - Three Easy Pieces



COFA - Fridge - official logo


Internal debit - 2002

Crowne Plaza - conference dinner


$743 on credit card (GH) balance on AP01

Facilities - Bus Hire


Internal transfer

Harris Technology - toner for Lindsays printer (CD covers)


AH credit card

Mail Room - courier expense


Internal debit - 2003

Britta Campion - Photography



Printing and Publishing - Program


Internal transfer

Provin - catering on campus



Science faculty - posters


internal debit

Scientia - venue balance


Internal debit - 2003

Scientia - venue deposit


Internal debit - 2003

Security - parking stickers


internal debit (note - not all of these used. Remainder to staff dev instead of admin expenses - certificate paper, carttidges, evelopes for mail out and other stationary supplies)

Cabinet - Thank you Lunch catering



SK Corp - conference bags, torches, timers, trilighters


AH credit card (note - does not match invoices)

SPA - Panels for Trade Displays



Casual Wages


Internal transfer

Internal Admin Charges (Eftpos Machine and Fund charges)


Internal transfer

Flowers for Eileen Emmerson - Chairperson


Petty Cash




















Trade Display Income, TechTrain 2003:




National Australia Bank Ltd. Cheque no 009007 Alltech Associates Pty Ltd




UNSW GRP0042467

Bonnet Equipment



National Australia Bank Ltd. Cheque no 002610 Bonnet Equipment Pty Ltd

Crown Scientific



Westpac Banking Corp Cheque number 070789 13/03/03 Crown Scientific

Livingstone International



Westpac Cheque Livingstone International Pty Ltd 20/03/03

Lomb Scientific



Commonwealth Bank Lomb Scientific Aust Pty Ltd 05/03/03




Westpac Cheque Sigma Aldrich Pty Ltd 06/03/03




UNSW GRP0042464

Australian Instrument Services P/L


credit card



Merck Pty Ltd








Westpac Banking Corp Cheque number 008573 Oxoid Australia Pty Ltd

Radiometer Pacific



UNSW GRP0047120


Corporate Express



payment for torches for guest speakers